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Bedding as Mother's Day Gift

Make your mother feel loved with surprise gifts that will make her happy. Consider giving her bedding a makeover. On eBay, you will find a variety of options, including full sets to individual pieces such as pillows and blankets. You can switch from thin summer bedding to a warm, thick comforter and microfiber sheet, or consider different colors and patterns to match her bedroom's theme. Whether you’re looking for bedding that’s beautiful, comfortable or both, eBay has everything you need to make Mother's Day memorable for your mom. Browse now to find good Mother's Day deals on new and pre-owned bedding options.

Consider a Set

For a one-stop, no-nonsense shop, go for a fun bed-in-a-bag, which can come with everything from sheets and bed skirts to pillow shams and bedspreads. We have plenty of designer bedding deals for you – check out the fluffy stuff from Martha Stewart, Hotel Collection and a cotton comforter set or two.

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Lay down a luxurious foundation with a mattress pad and fall in the zone with everything from floral comforters to fleece blankets. A quilt will comfort like grandma used to, and duvet covers can protect and beautify an otherwise plain duvet.

Pillow Talk

We all need a place to rest our heads at the end of a long day, but we all have different preferences when it comes to what is a “good pillow.” Cotton? Feathers? Tempur-Pedic? Make yours pretty by dressing it up with Pottery Barn pillow shams or match it up nicely with your Ralph Lauren sheets. And if you really need Mr. Sandman to bring you a dream, sweeten up your sleep with a memory foam pillow—you really have to sleep on one to believe it.

Top Off Your Bed

You don’t have to be 12 years old to appreciate a princess bed! Sheer, solid or ruffled canopies can add a cozy feel to your sleeping arrangements—perfect for those cold winter months. And in addition to finding all types of bedding at great prices, many of our vendors offer free shipping on mattresses, pillows and more.