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Look into a woman’s handbag, and you’re looking into her life—it’s the one accessory that goes with her everywhere. eBay’s extensive collection of new and pre-owned handbags includes options for every style and situation. With prices to fit any budget, you don't have to break the bank to shop like a fashionista.

Explore eBay’s Comprehensive Handbags Collection

Looking for just the right handbag for your needs? We carry handbags in a range of materials and fabrics, including canvas, cotton, and leather. Our wide selection of high-quality materials make it easy to find a handbag that is made to last. Below are just some of the options you can find for a bag or handbag:

  • Crossbody: A crossbody bag is designed to be worn on one side of the body with the strap looped over the opposite shoulder. The longer strap helps accentuate your outfit and can even complete your look. You wear the bag in front for easy access to all of your belongings, or you can turn the bag to rest on the back of your hip so it does not get in your way while you walk.
  • Shoulder bag: A shoulder bag is a large bag with two parallel handles. It has pouches with zippers as well as pockets on the inside. It is also almost always made from high-quality leather or waxed canvas.
  • Tote bag: A tote bag is a large and typically unfastened bag with two parallel handles. Often, totes can double as a reusable shopping bag.
  • Belt bag: A belt bag is a small pouch that attaches to a belt and is worn around the waist. They’re also known as fanny packs, butt packs, and waist packs. These are not the original design of belt bags that were seen in the 80s. Today, the belt bag is far more fashionable and useful.
  • Mini bag: The mini bag is best for the occasion where you only need to carry some cash, a credit card, and your ID. They do not hold much, but big things come in small packages. Some of these bags are no bigger than a kiwi suspended from a strap that is hung around the torso.

Choose Handbags from Top Designers

You don’t need to attend New York Fashion Week to enjoy the latest designer handbags! Our collection features styles from CHANEL, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Coach, Vera Bradley, and other top designers. You can search by brand, style, color, material, condition, or price to find the perfect purse for you. And of course, you can stay on top of the latest trends by checking out new arrivals.

Discover Versatile Bags for Work

Function and fashion can go hand in hand. Our collection combines style with practicality, depending on the occasion and need of the wearer. If you are a busy woman and find that you need to carry your tablet, cell phone, wallet, notebook, make-up, and much more, consider buying a good tote bag for those instances. Perhaps you are just going out for drinks and only need a few little things. Consider using a mini bag. If you travel for business, we have fashionable bags designed to hold all of your documents, your laptop, and other business essentials.

Find Accessories to Match

Handbags are a critical part of any outfit, but they’re not the only accessory that can have a big impact on your look. Shop eBay for sunglasses like Oakleys and Ray-Bans, scarves, wallets and other accessories that help to tie everything together!For everything she is and all that she's helped you to be, buy gifts like women's bags and handbags to show your mom you love her this Mother's Day.